Multilateral Bisections

Multilateral Bisections, an exhibit by artists from Manila and Panay.

Conversations are just like bodies of water. Mutable, they adapt with their surroundings; salted nor fresh, big or small as they range in size and content. They can be streamed down, filtered, accessed only by few like a pond; or they can be concentrated, expanded like the sea or better yet be made into an ocean for different ecosystems to emerge, interact and commence. They can vary through images, text, sound, gestures, intuition and perhaps with unexplainable reasons for the human mind.

Even yet through conversations, there is something more — intangible and temporal as introspection and interaction queue leading one to think, pause, hear, listen and be vulnerable towards the unknown.

Multilateral Bisections exhibition poses to be a platform for viewers and fourteen invited artists to converse through the materialization of works exhibited and performed in the reflective way of different approaches in art-making, processes, and of becoming.

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