Unboxed, An Art Exhibit

One has to see with the mind what one cannot see physically with the eye.

Unboxed is a show of freedom from representational qualities of art, a gigantic artistic approach where reality is subjective. This departure from accurate representation led to the creation of self-renewing, unpredictable outcomes – a vital tradition of creativity.

These art pieces inspire curiosity about the reaches of one’s imagination. They trigger independence from visual references, unleashing an inevitable part of contemporary art.

Their works stand as reflections of their vision, originality, and improvisation. Their constant experiment for improvisation gave way to a state of being unconstrained – limitless, no boundaries. One of the major obstacles for artists is the barrier in their minds that fears the rejection of the crowd.

In Unboxed, the artists break this barrier. They rise above mediocrity, thus, they overcome the need for acceptance and appreciation. These abstractionists are revolutionaries of the art community; through their creative thirst for spontaneity, they discovered the potential to produce something unique: a boundless territory found outside the box.

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