A B A N T G A R B, A Meeting of Five Artistic Windows

A Meeting of Five Artistic Windows

The ugly. The grotesque. The uncanny. These are slippery elements when it comes to art as perceived by the masses. Nevertheless, they captivate, provoke, and nurture new perspectives in cultures that aren’t used to them. Contemporary art is thriving all over the world. It continues to challenge and push the boundaries of art itself. Iloilo is in dire need of this dose. Our community needs to see much more than what has become the ordinary, the mundane, the average.

The practices of Cyron Berlin, Nescel Giabia, Noli Umahag, and Gabriel Tiongson are very different yet the same. They bare essences of surrealism, pop culture, contemporary etc. Their aesthetics may vary, but they share the common goal of bringing a new lens to Ilonggo Art — and they challenge the Ilonggo’s idea of art, more so in the gallery setting.

Check the ABANT GARB facebook page for news and details.

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