Images of Women in the Streets

Women’s month is celebrated in the UPV Art Gallery by showing Ilonggos the beauty of Filipino women as seen through the lenses of a Dutch photographer Ubo Pakes.

University of the Philippines in the Visayas, UPV Chancellor’s Committee on Culture and the Arts and Gender and Development Program present the photographic exhibition of Ubo Pakes that will show us the faces of women from different places in the Philippines like Palawan, Iligan and Cebu. What makes these portraits unique is the photographer’s passion to capture the true essence of his subjects. His competence in studying people he doesn’t know is revealed trough every image he took which showed feelings and character. The images show us the “beauty” of everyday women. Women on the streets, women who work to live everyday, women who do not magnify the efforts to conform to the society’s standard of beauty.

Taken from the photographer’s notes on the exhibit, this exhibition aims to pay tribute to these beautiful women and to remind each one of us that the real beauty comes from within and cannot be tampered nor bought.

Try to catch the exhibit until March 31, 2015 at the UPV Art Gallery, UP Visayas Iloilo City.

Ubo Pakes is a Dutch citizen who’s been living in Cebu, Philippines since 2008. He works as the coordinator of the Geographic Information System of the College of Management of the University of the Philippines in Iloilo City. It is through getting photographs of people, their daily lives, how they do things that he made contact with the society, get to know their customs and learn the language. You may view some of his works at and contact him at

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