High Tide: The Retelling of Truth

This is a movie I have heard about for quite some time, but I kept on putting it off (because I don’t have the access and I never had the chance to attend To Farm Festival). Well it was worth the wait. This is a phenomenal film and I will be discussing three things as to why this film is ultimately a classic (even if the world gets flooded anytime soon.)

Tara Illenberger was absolutely astounding and will always be relevant as ever. She has this ability to deliver engaging pictures, interesting story and a very convincing work of art. The elements that she gathered and carried throughout the movie were honest and passionate that were able to uplift the picture and legitimize important issues faithful to the whole story. Her way of sympathizing to the characters were justified across different circumstances even in little details.

The film is full of great supporting performances. Sunshine Teodoro do great supporting work and there really isn’t a wrong step where the acting is concerned. I was able to create a theory out her unpretentious acting. Let’s call it the ‘flat bread theory,’ this could probably work to people who are down and yet hopeful that one day they’d be able to attain happiness. The whole ensemble is worth commendable, they were able to highly entertain and pull the audience to be with them in the film-to experience the real ‘high tide.’ Arthur Solinap and Dalin Sarmiento’s tandem created a dimension full of persistence to battle situation that weaves them together to the children of high tide.

This is the retelling of truth from Dumangas. There’s really no call for elaborate shots or paced formula a because the film language unfolded smoothly. It builds to a certain point and drops an important information that is true to life. The rise in tension is at stand still and waits for the right tide to ultimately wash what was previously given. High Tide dramatizes the life of real-life helpless humanity if we do not struggle to balance what we want and what environment is asking from us in return. This has able to provide a social sense that qualifies anybody to get somewhere in life and the environment.